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09-06-2011, 08:02 AM
I really need to make some significant changes in my diet. I have really allowed my eating habits to slip greatly while drinking and, as a result, I have gained a lot of weight and have a very unhealthy diet. Does anyone have any suggestions on some simple changes to start with?

09-06-2011, 05:24 PM
Hi Regina, I actually started a weight loss campaign 3 months ago. So far I have lost 35 lbs and counting. Here is what I did: (Just FYI I am not a physician nor do I pretend to know what is good for everyone! Before starting any type of diet you should talk to a dr. and make sure you can do this!)

1. I made a calendar and wrote down what I ate every single day! No matter what. If you have a smart phone you can download an app that can serve as a calorie counter. Just type everything in and add those calories up! This will help you not only keep track of what you are eating but also realize how many calories some foods have! I started out on a 2000 calorie diet. Every day no more or less. At first, all I could think about was eating and drinking! But you have to way the consequences, the food or your health.

2. Exercise at least 5 times a week. Now don't get scared! It doesn't have to be a lot! 20 - 30 min at the beginning and then build on that! Join a gym or walk around the block a couple of times. Some light exercise will go a long way!

These are two very simple steps to get you going. Once you realize the amount of calories and fat that are in some foods it will help you fight the cravings! Remember to try not and eat late at night and drink lots and lots of water!

I hope this helps you out! If you would like more details I would be happy to do so!