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03-25-2014, 03:20 AM
Hi everyone!
I work for a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the UK and our aim is to ensure that recovery from addiction is possible for everyone. Iím currently creating a self-help resource section on our website and we are looking to gain feedback from you to help it become the best that it could possibly be. To do that, we need to get as much feedback as possible from those that have experience in addiction, whether it is from being addicted, being close to somebody who has an addiction or from a professional point of view.

This resource area is located at www.cassioburycourt.com/resources. Feel free to have a look, but I donít want to be accused of spamming in this forum. The areas that we have worked on so far are:

Self-help information
-treatment options
-support and self-help groups
-Dealing with peer pressure
-drug classifications (under UK law)
-Legal highs
-drug laws (UK)
-Types of drugs (stimulants, depressants, etc)
Help for employers
Useful links

This resource is still in its infancy and we are constantly looking for ways to improve it. Any feedback that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Donít be afraid to make criticisms, our aim is for improvement and to help people.
Best Wishes


[Message to mods: This post is intended to obtain the opinions of those who have an interest in addiction recovery and is not intended as spam. If you are not happy with the content of this post please let me know and I will either make any necessary changes or remove it. Thanks]