View Full Version : Confused and need help

05-28-2011, 08:55 PM
Ok so i'v been with my boyfriend for 7 years and he has struggled with drinking and perscription drugs, we recently had a child and he decided after overdosing and jail time to go to rehab to make a better life for us, because he knew i wouldnt put a baby in that environment. Well he has been doing good and sober for 5 months now!!!! still in the program.... The story is he works on a truck as a helper with a man thats not in the program but an employee of the program which he attends, This Employee of the program calls my boyfriend tonight and asks him if he knows where to find drugs for a friend of his....Now im feelin a certain way, if my boyfriend was giving off the impression that he knows where drugs are and stuff like that then why does this man trust him enough to ask him about this, This is a big deal for me because i dont want him getting involved in that again its only going to drag him down. An on top of that when i first asked my BF what the man said he lied to me it took me having to call that man an make a big show before the truth came out, so he lied to me and is involved in this shady mess.........suggestions pleeeese Thnks

05-29-2011, 04:46 PM
Trust you gut feeling honey, it will never betray you. Addicts lie, I've been married to one for 19 years. Joining FA has been a God send for me. It is helping me to lovingly detach from my addict and take care of myself. I'm concerned that your boyfriend might bring bad element into you and your child's lives. I would worry about my safety at his point in time. Drug test your boyfriend. You can get the tests online. It will give you the confirmation you need. If he refuses, obviously he has something to hide.