"You are never given anything you can't handle."
"That which does not kill us only makes us stronger."

Can I just vent for a second? LOL I've just had one hell of a year so far.

Had my daughter in December 2010.
Lost my mom 2 weeks later.
Our house is in foreclosure.
Behind on nearly every bill.
I'm the only one working... BUT... my fiance just found a job!
Working on oil fields... 14 hour days, 7 days a week.
The money will be a huge help, and the job is a Godsend.
Unfortunately, he'll have to leave for 30-40 days at a time.
And we live in Michigan. This time, he goes to Nevada.
Comes back in September.
He leaves tomorrow evening.
We found out about the job on Sunday, and he had it by Tuesday! LOL

I'm so freakin' thankful, but I am SOOOO overwhelmed. We have been inseparable since the day we met 4 years ago. I'm going to miss him like crazy! I've got to "hold down the fort" alone! And I have to practically learn how to be a single mom! But on the other hand, I prayed and prayed for something to happen. How can I get a blatant response and say, "No, that doesn't work for me, sorry..."?

To be completely 100% honest, I'm scared shitless. LOL He is, too. But at the same time, I welcome the challenge. Obviously what we were doing wasn't working! It's sad that a guy can't find a good-paying job where he lives. He has a felony so it makes it even that much harder! But I'm very, very grateful that I have a man willing to step up to the plate to support his family, no matter what it takes. I'm following suit!

I intend to use this time to "get our ducks in a row." We will scrape by until he gets paid. Then we will catch up. Then we will be AHEAD, and even have money in the bank!! I plan to pinch pennies every way I can so he can be home sooner.

In over our heads, but we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. We still have a very long, frightening journey ahead of us... but I think that's why I relate to all of you so much. So many unknowns, a totally different way of life, more changes than you can count, and yet we all keep working toward the same goal of a better life!

I love you guys!