I am a 35 year old, married women with two children. My husband is a recovering drug addict. He admited to his problem two years ago, and I was very supportive in getting him help. He has been clean for a year but in August of this year, he started abusing alcohol. He spends most of the weekends out with his "new" friends and I have found him sleeping it off at a girls house on several occassions. He says that his friends "care" about him and that they help him stay clean. How is that possible when all the do is drink? He might not be abusing pain killers, but in my mind he is abusing alcohol. That is a drug. Is that correct? Do most addicts go from one drugs to alcohol.

It is killing our marriage and hurting the kids. I love him so much, and I want my husband back. I don't know how to help him see that these "friends" really don't care for him. If they did, they would see that he is once again going down a destructive path.

I find that it is hard for me to set boundaries. I know that I need to do that, but I find it difficult. I want to understand his problem, and I want him to get help. I just don't know what do to do anymore. He says he loves me and the kids. I think he does, but he just cant see that this behavior is wrong. Yes, I am proud that he is clean from painkillers but I think he is using alcohol as a substitute.

Any advice out there?