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    Maintaining friendship: have you ever succeeded?

    I've been off of soma for two full months, and doing ok. The pill market in my town has been dry lately, making it a bit easier for me to stay sober. Now the market is picking back up, and my best friend is offering me soma. It's not like I am obliged to take soma in order to keep her friendship, but it seems like declining it would cause our friendship to change in some way that I'm really afraid of. I love her, and I don't want to lose her. Have you ever kept a friendship intact under these conditions, or found ways to minimize the damage to the friendship? If so, can you put your finger on the key to your success?

    P.S. With gratitude in advance I express my preference for silence as token of the fact that it may not be possible.

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    Yes, it is not possible. In order to stay sober, you need to cut off your supply TOTALLY. Besides, a true friend will not offer you pill to cause your relapse if he or she knows you are determined to stay sober and off the pills.

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