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oh, no not again
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    oh, no not again

    twenty years sober, my alcoholic husband is an active drinker again and so, of course, i am confused and angry. anyone out there living with an alcoholic that had started drinking again after so long a time? god bless,

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    Hello, eyebrite
    I am almost 2 years sober and can't imagine ever drinking again.. It would be the end of me if I did..
    Where you with your husband 20 years ago when he stopped? If you were, I am sure you have many reasons for him to never drink again.. Does he think he can moderate now or has he just blown a gasket and is back to full on drinking..? Unfortunately, we alcoholics always think we can handle it.. Just one it'll be fine.. I am sorry.. All that anger and confusion does no good.. He is lost in his addiction and until he decides to stop it won't end.. You have to decide if your marriage can withstand it or move on with your life..
    I was lucky.. I was able to pull myself out of it before it ruined me and my marriage.. Don't compromise yourself for his addiction..
    Oh, I feel for you.. Take care,

    “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome”

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    Is your husband currently dealing with any problems? Maybe he is depressed that's why he used to drink again.

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    hi eyebrite.. i hope both of you can talk about this issue properly so that your marriage will not be compromised.. and when you start talking to him, be sure you aren't angry. that may stir things further resulting to a more conflicts between the two of you. can you at least educate him that he is already a husband. do you have kids by the way? if so, tell him he already have this fatherhood responsibility so that he may lose the appetite for alcohol.. bottom line is, please talk with each other with a cool head and everything will roll. hopefully you can change even just a bit of his habit.. more power to you!

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