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Does heroin cause irreversible damage to emotional health?
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    Does heroin cause irreversible damage to emotional health?

    The question I am asking is, could the addiction to heroin have stunted his emotional development? He has displayed many instances of immaturity, lack of empathy, an inability to take responsibilty for his own (often very hurtful) actions (cheating, lying etc), and in many ways his responses to criticism and being pulled up on his actions are similar to those of a very stroppy self centred teenager. He is highly critical of others, and in fact when I think about it, he is like a child in a mans body in many ways. He projects, blames others and generally has made me feel crazy for feeling like I do, when I KNOW that the issues are caused by him. He has treated his mother in similar ways, despite all the support she has shown him over the years, so it's not just me.

    Whilst I don't believe that he would ever return to heroin, he does display a propensity to drink too much to seek a "high", and has on more than one occassion been verbally abusive when drunk. The most recent time he was abusive to my daughters, and I ended up calling the police as he wouldn't leave. He had also stolen from the local shop in my village - something I have seen him too before when he had too much to drink. It was his total failure to take adequate responsibility or show any remorse for this that led to me ending the relationship, coupled with his lack of support when my father died, just over a week ago.

    I am not seeking answers to these questions because I want to fix him, although I think there has been an element to that in the past. I guess I got curious after a friend mentioned yesterday that heroin users often become "stuck" at the age they started taking the drug. I guess I'm seeking clues, to help me find peace with the ending of a relationship that I often had high hopes for, only to find them dashed again and again.

    I should add, he has some good sides too, can be very generous and giving with money and practicaliries, and isn't ALL bad, which is why I guess it took three years for me to finally give up. He can also be very affectionate and loving.

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    Heroin can cause to damage irreversible to emotional health and it can be injected, inhaled by snorting or sniffing, or smoked. ... leading to the lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain, causing permanent damage to vital organs.

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    Harmfulness of heroin!

    I really agree with this. Everybody knows about the harmfulness of taking heroine. I think there are more bad sight of taking heroine those need to mention. As a result everybody will be aware about that.

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    Recovery from heroine addiction is possible.The exact treatment varies depending on the heroin addict, but one of the most effective treatment available is methadone. For recovery behavioral therapy is also used. Treatment depends on the amount of drug person has consumed and from how long he is consuming drug. Contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy have been shown to effectively treat heroin addiction, especially when applied in concert with medications.For effective treatment person should consult professionals first because they can guide the best treatment..
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