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What do you think of this app idea to help folks like us?
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    Lightbulb What do you think of this app idea to help folks like us?

    Hi. My name is Brandon. Iím an addict.

    Thanks to working the 12 steps, I have been sober from drugs and alcohol for over 2 years. Iím very fortunate to live in a place with regular 12 step meetings. Others are not so lucky. Many cannot access meetings at all. Others who live in places with frequent meetings cannot attend when they need it most. And many others are too shy to walk in the door.

    Wecovery (www.wecovery.org) addresses this profound and glaring need by offering recovering addicts access to the power of a 12 step meeting at any time from anywhere.

    The idea is simple. Wecovery is an app that resides on a personís phone. A recovering addict in need of a meeting can use the app to share about their current situation just as they would in a 12 step meeting. Then they can choose to listen to other addictsí shares and relate to them, reminding them that they are not alone.

    Addiction is an isolating disease. 12 step recovery offers a collective solution, based on interpersonal connections.
    Wecovery forges these connections across the globe, putting the power of a 12 step meeting in a personís pocket.

    You have the opportunity to shape human history, helping to fight the scourge of addiction on a scale that has never before been possible. Whether your own life has been touched by this disease or you want to be part of a positive movement with the potential to impact millions of lives, please join me.

    Weíre all in this together.

    To contribute or learn more, please visit: http://igg.me/at/wecovery

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    Never heard about this app before, but looking forward to take a look at it.

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