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    nearly 5 years sober now, many thanks to this site for the help!

    I've done about 5yrs sober now, and just going over some old ground physically and psychologically. I got sober out in Cambodia, a very hedonistic place, booze, drugs, hookers etc..you name it, I did it! Prior to that was a heavy drinker and drug taker for 20 odd yrs in my own country

    anyway, back in Cambodia now on holiday, what a difference to see the place sober!!

    first got dry having read some stuff on this site then going to AA for a couple of yrs plus various other techniques, anyway hope to post on here for a while as not going to AA anymore

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    Hey Free-Simon, congratulations on your continued sobriety, that is awesome! I'm 4 years free and working on a 5th as well.

    You'll see most of the posting is concentrated on one thread these days, feel free to join us there is you like, or amble through the many threads on the forum, which it looks like you're doing.


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    Hi Simon, congrats man. Good to know you're sober and have full control in your life.

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