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How to Deal With Your Addicted Loved One
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    How to Deal With Your Addicted Loved One

    Watching your Addicted Loved One in the pangs of addiction can be very disturbing. Learning How to Deal With Your Addicted Loved One can develop feelings of anger, fear, shame or frustration over them can cause you sleepless nights or even physical illness. However, try dealing with your addicted loved one in the following ways:


    Accepting that there is a problem is the first step in dealing with addicted loved one. Though you can pretend and assume that everything will be okay, this cannot be the cure to addiction. It can be tricky where you have to deal with addiction of a loved one to substance or drug abuse, or even mood-altering addictions. You may find it hard to do contrary to wishes of them but acceptance will be a step forward.

    Know how to love them

    Since addicted persons are mostly so much demanding, or require so much attention, you must know how to deal with that. Know what you should do and what you shouldn’t. When you say “No” you should mean it and “Yes” likewise. Still, ensure that you care much about your health and wellbeing. Ask yourself what the addiction of a loved one causes you, discomfort? distraction? Enjoy yourself.

    Avoid manipulation

    However much you love the person, ensure that they do not influence you to accept their way of doing things. When you fall victim to their manipulation, you are aiding them in their addiction. Some of these manipulations are blaming, cheating and pretending. Learn to say no to their demands and stay by that. The more you give in to their demands, the more manipulative they become.

    You cannot control your addicted loved one

    Though this may sound insensitive, it is the harsh truth. You only have control over yourself but not over anything that your loved one is addicted to. So know what you can change and what you cannot. Stop trying to fix everything.
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    Honestly I can't hold my emotion when I see someone I love having or struggling for addiction problem. I'll do anything to recover him/her from the addiction problem.

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    First of all discover how to love a addicted person and stay healthy. Always try to Come, face to face with reality. Stop blaming other person and learn how to help others. Saying No to addiction is the first step towards change for you as well as addict. Suggest valuable points for rebuilding life. Don't wait until the situation is really bad. Reach out for help.

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