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    Hi everyone...I'm new to this forum

    My name is Matt, I'm 27 years old and have been struggling with a drinking problem for several years. I didn't drink often before I was 21, but in my last few years of college I binge drank almost every weekend. Fortunately, this didn't affect my grades but at the time I didn't think much of it being in a college environment where heavy drinking is so common. In the following years after graduating, my drinking patterns really didn't change at all. It never got to a point where people around me showed legitimate concern (more than one binge a week) but I found that I was sometimes drinking alone, and would keep going until I blacked out, and sustained some minor injuries from drunken accidents. Finally, in December of 2014, I started seeing a counselor for my alcohol use. My original goal with my counselor was to keep my drinking to 3 drinks or less, rather than trying to go completely sober right away. Since then, I have had ups and downs...I did have 2 periods of 5 months each without any binges, but wasn't able to make it past that. My last counseling appointment was about a month ago and my counselor recommended that based on my previous patterns, that I should strongly consider going completely sober. I told her that I believed I could keep going just limiting myself. Sure enough, just this past Saturday night was another black-out drinking session. Fortunately I was able to get another appointment to see her this afternoon, and I plan to discuss with her about starting sobriety.
    I've had a hard time committing to complete sobriety, because I do have the ability to have just a few drinks then stop, but at the same time get triggered easily. Also, there's the stigma of admitting I have a drinking problem to the extent of feeling like I need to go sober. I never drink and drive, never drink before work and rarely even have a drink during the work week...and I've never had any major concerns from family and friends, but I feel like when I have seen a counselor for this long and still can't change my drinking habits on a regular basis, that maybe sobriety is the best option for me.

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share my story and was curious to see what you all think of my decision. I have been looking for a support group for a while...not that my family and friends aren't supportive, I just don't think they fully understand the severity of how I see my drinking problem.

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    Hey SDfan, welcome..:-)

    I started out my 20yr drinking career, in much the same manner, as you describe yourself.. I binged only on the weekends and never drank more than 1 or 2 at a time on a weeknight.. It's seems, or was for me, it's progressive and the consumption will just become greater as the bodies tolerance grows.. My brain started to look at alcohol as a 'fun mechanism' and also a 'stress reliever'.. In many posts on here, I've explained how when I stopped I thought I'd never have fun again..
    I can't tell you if you need to stop, but from what you've explained it sure seems that in 20 yrs I think you'll be glad you did..:-)

    Please, check out the stop drinking thread and jump right in..

    “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome”

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    Hey SD!
    Welcome! I do hope you still are here! A lot of the members post in the thread" How to stop drinking" so join us if you will.
    I believe your decision is the best decision you can make. You stated you don't drink and drive, drink before work, etc...
    From my experience and others someday you may. From what it sounds like to me you maybe in the beginning stages of alcoholism.
    You just admitting and putting it out there is a great step to take. It sounds like you know you have an issue, now just to take measures against it before it does get worse. From my experience it can. It only takes one time to lose everything, even your life.
    Take care and hope to hear from you! TERE

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    Hello Guys, I'm new here too.
    I'm Gustavo Woltmann I also started my drinking carreer 20 years and so forth. Now, I'm already 30 and I already stop drinking. The things that help me stop is my family. I had now my own family and now, I don't want to drink anymore because I love them. I don't want my daughter always see me drunk when I come hope. I want her to be a good girl so I won't do anything bad that can influence her.

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    Hi everyone this illness is horrendous I'm 32 drinking been a problem since I was 21 I have been in an out of AA for a couple of years but never done anything just went to a few meetings it gets worse if you have what we have I'm 14 days sober today I have got a sponsor and have started the steps I'm on the brink of losing everything I want this and I need this

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    Hi Gustavo and Mrdcway -

    Welcome to Spiritual River!! This is a wonderful place to get support!! You will probably find more support on the main thread which is under "How to Stop Drinking", so try going there and logging on. Become a part of a wonderful community and best of luck in your journey.

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    Hello alimeeabey,
    Welcome to the forum.... Tell us more...
    It's probably easier to update in the 'how to stop drinking thread' - that's where most the chatter happens, it's a quiet forum but there are a few people taking the first thirty days, come join us

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    Hello, i am aswell new here, how u all doing ?hopefully better than me as i have health issues which is why i search for online pharmacy now... but i hope that you are doing better and i hope we will have nice results here!!
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