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Day 3...

Thread: Day 3...

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    Day 3...

    Hi, I'm Melissa. I live in So Cal, married with 2 kids (14 & 12).

    Took this 3-day weekend to quit drinking. I was also switched to a different antidepressant Friday, so I wanted to use that as a motivator.

    For me, drinking 1 bottle a day, was a "good day". And if I waited until 5:00, even better. But, usually, I'd make up for it the next day & drink 2 to nearly 3 bottles...

    I run a construction business with my husband & work at home. My desk is in my bedroom. It's very isolating & way too easy to get away with a hangover at work & drink while working.

    The business is also struggling, so it's very stressful & it's work I've been doing for 14 years, so it's very mundane. Also, my husband often doesn't listen to me & treat me like the partner I am.

    Over the last 18 months, money & stress got much worse & I gradually lost hope, became very depressed, started drinking much more than before & now it's a flat out habit.

    Day 3 of no alcohol & I wanted to pickup around the house, but I'm so used to having a drink while doing so. The house is pretty trashed. Our dishwasher broke Saturday morning, barely a clean dish left & the laundry is insane, but I can't bring myself to tackle it without a drink!! So I'm back in bed watching movies. Told my husband he & the boys will have to do it. Hoping to go for a walk & get some sun (vit D) later. Also, took a GABA supplement & vit C. Supposed to help to relax. I quit drinking for 3 months before & that helped, but my drinking is much worse this time around.

    Hoping this gets easier. Glad to have found this forum.
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    Hi Melissa,
    Congrats on day 3..:-)
    Come join us on the how to stop drinking thread.. Lots of good advice for ya there..

    “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome”

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    Hey Melissa!
    I do hope you are still hanging in there. 72 hrs may be the start of some withdrawal symptoms, but know that the uncomfortableness will pass. It is a blessing you found this site. I found this site 4 years ago and had a relapse during that point and lost my freedom for 3 years in the physical world, but gained myself back through that trial. I always thought of the people on spiritual river and their stories. I kept one member very dear to my heart and I am so happy this site is still here when I returned home.
    Reading your paragraphs reminded me of me 4 years ago. When you wrote of losing hope, I teared up because that was the cause of my horrible trip back to drinking and the gates of hell I went through because of the choices I made under the influence.
    I realized while away that there is always hope. You have to surrender and find that strength again or I call it that life force that gave you inspiration and excitement as a little girl. That may sound corny, but truthfully all that is going on now in the material world does not matter one bit. Do not allow it to rob you of your spirit. Nothing and no one can do that. You have the power to allow it or prevent it. It's that simple. Don't get me wrong, I still let things or people get to me but I do not allow it to fester. I stop it. I work on this everyday. I will never get tired of fighting for my life and I know if I allow alcohol into it, my emotions get to me and I become tired. You sound tired. You need to find that spirit. I believe in you and would love to hear more of your journey!
    Take care and talk soon! TERE

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