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I need serious help
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    Unhappy I need serious help

    Hello to all i am an ADDICT. I can really say that now that i know i have a problem with MONEY & CRACK. You see everytime i get some money i have the desire to go out and smoke it all up know the actions i take will hurt the people that love & care about me the MOST. I feel bad everytime and i know that i have a problem but i feel powerless. I am on here brcause i need advice on rehab centers in Va and i just wanna regain control of my life and live CLEAN & SOBER and right now everytime i get some money in my hands i have that ITCH to go out & use. I wanna break the CHAINS OF ADDICTION and start LIVING.

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    I wish i had got here sooner, I apologies and my prayers go out to bl

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