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My New Beginning after Addiction
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    Wink My New Beginning after Addiction

    Hello my name is Roy and i am an addict. I thought i could overcome it by myself but i was wrong. My breaking point was when i used the money my daughter gave me and went out on a Crack smoking binge and ended up sad & depressed. I knew then i had a problem and needed some help. So i decided to check myself into Rehab in Ga. I went to a wonderful place named TURNING POINT and over the next 30 days i learned about about the disease of addiction and myself as well. The first few days was rough i thought i was different and i soon realized that i have alot in common with other addicts and we all had ONE GOAL in mind to RECOVER!!!! I had some very great counselors and staff there that showed me even though i had low self-esteem and depression that gradually and learning that i am POWERLESS over addiction there is a new life and i would have to reclaim it to maintain my sobriety. Trust me since i came home the thoughts are still there but that's all they are JUST THOUGHTS and i have to RETRAIN MY MIND on POSITIVE things in order to avoid ever using again.... For the first time i can enjoy the SUNRISE & the BLUE SKIES things that might not seem important while you are using but over time i realized what i have been missing LIFE IN GENERAL!!!!! So i am learning to take it one minute at a time and follow my HIGHER POWER. Learning to TRUST THE PROCESS is a challenge but it's one i feel i am up to. I will forever be grateful to the staff at TURNING POINT for helping me when i couldn't help myself. Prayer & Strength is also very helpful because i do experience low's as well as highs from day to day. So if you want to find help when you cant help yourself my advice is: 1) TRUST GOD because even when in the midst of our addiction he will protect you. 2) SURRENDER i had to get tired & sick of being sick & tired. I knew there was a better way of life and i went out seeking it and put aside my EGO. 3) Get Professional help TURNING POINT was my first rehab and i learned alot so if you are SERIOUS about recovery look for a REHABILITATION facility that will help you.

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    Good luck for your bright future.

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    I hope you are doing well and your life full of bright moments now!
    Hi to everybody here!

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