My nephew is an alcoholic, my sister is at her wits end and is not on-line. She needs help with getting him assessed so he can receive his benefits without keep signing on - he does not turn up for any appointments. His benefit keeps getting stopped, his housing benefit keeps getting stopped and he is being evicted from his flat. My sister is ill from worry and all of this and is unwell anyhow and in her 60's (as I am). We do not know where to turn for help. Her son is 30 now but has had problems all his life with overactive brain activity since his birth and therefore not a fully responsible adult. This may now be called autism - we are not sure. I have copied and printed all the advice I can on dealing with an alcoholic but where do we turn for practical help before he ends up on the streets and my sister ends up in hospital. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.